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          Our Customers 

          Bizible is #1 in both market share and satisfaction for B2B marketing attribution.


          Featured Videos



          Featured Testimonials

          Change-Healthcare-logo-2017Change-Healthcare-logo-2017"The revenue planner and ABM capabilities continue to stay ahead of competitors and offer easy-to-use data."

          "I now have visibility into attribution that was difficult, if not impossible, for me to get in the same way before."

          Tim Low

          Tim Low
          SVP of Marketing, PayScale

          Stacey Schneider

          Stacey Schneider
          Automation Architect, Change Healthcare


          "Bizible is the key to unlocking your revenue on new levels. It’s a power unlike I’ve seen anywhere else and I’m continually finding ways to get more and more value from the data."

          Lindsay Talbot
          Head of Marketing, Virool

          "Our weekly reporting has been reduced by two thirds and I can now report on multi-channel performance and ROI, which was previously akin to searching for the end of the rainbow."

          Erina Fischer
          Demand Generation, Chute


          PitchBook Logo

          "We are finally able to connect the dots between all the money we spend on marketing campaigns and closed won revenue. We can clearly see ROI using Bizible."

          Kevin Lissandrello

          Kevin Lissandrello
          Demand Generation, PitchBook

          "I've long been searching for an easy-to-use, all-in-one system that captures and models marketing interactions in a way that makes sense. Bizible is that system."

          Justin Norris
          Marketing Solutions Architect, Perkuto


          Featured Success Stories


          Using Bizible to double demand on the same budget

          Envestnet | Yodlee

          Increasing visibility and aligning with sales & finance.


          Using Bizible to prove the revenue value of their Madison Logic spend


          How Bizible helped PitchBook grow their marketing budget by 15%


          Using Bizible Data Warehouse to understand the full buyer journey


          Using Bizible + DOMO to visualize & operationalize attribution insights


          Using Bizible and Direct Mail to achieve a 52% Opp Conversion rate


          Using Bizible to optimize LinkedIn Ads for pipeline and revenue


          Using Bizible to track account-based marketing 


          Using Bizible to improve the velocity of leads through the sales funnel


          SaaS company using Bizible and Marketo together 


          Using Bizible to prove marketing's impact on revenue

          Apollo Group

          Tying AdWords to revenue to increase B2C leads


          Eliminating wasteful spending through true deal source reporting


          PPC agency delivering client happiness with trust

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