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          Bizible For Paid Media Professionals

          Bizible’s marketing attribution solution enables paid media managers to make smart and strategic decisions based on sales opportunities and revenue, not clicks or leads. Paid media professionals choose Bizible for accurate and reliable tracking at every stage of the funnel. 

          Track First-Click To Deal-Won With Ease

          Get granular information on keywords and campaigns, and measure your performance in terms of revenue. Bizible has integrations with paid media platforms and full UTM parameter support for robust reporting.  And implementation is easy -- set up time is measured in days, not months.

          Get The AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report

          Scale Paid Media With Confidence

          Confidently scale their campaigns using Bizible’s attribution models and touchpoints tracking. Because Bizible is directly connected to the API of ad networks, there’s no need to manage hidden fields on forms, tag paid search channels with tracking, or report costs. Bizible handles that all for you.

          Get The LinkedIn Ads Industry Benchmarks Report


          "Bizible really makes it extremely easy to compare cross-channel marketing performance.” 

          steve ebin.png

          Steve Ebin

          Head of Online Marketing at Optimizely

          Get B2B Marketing Attribution 101  Download this introductory guide to attribution for revenue-driven marketers.  Download Now
            Paid Media Marketing Scorecard  Evaluate your paid media strategy and see how your campaigns compare!  Download Now
          Guide to Cracking the LinkedIn Ads Platform  Learn how to generate more revenue and increase your ROI with LinkedIn ads.  Download Now
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